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5 last minute gifts for photographers


There is only a few days left until Christmas and you still haven't bought your photographer friend a gift. We’ve all done it. You’re probably reading this write now in hopes to come up with some ideas. Here is 5 last minute gifts for photographers.

  1. Print their photos

Photographers love prints. Pick out some of their favorite pictures and have them printed. You can even get upload them online and have the photos shipped directly to their house. I highly recommend They have tons of different sizes and reasonably priced.

2. Camera strap

It depends on the photographer but almost ever photographer doesn't use their supplied camera strap. A great place where you can get good quality camera straps are They have a wide range of cloth and leather straps for decent prices.

3. Film

Every photographer has started with film or have shot with film before. Film is actually not that expensive (depends on what film your buying). Give them some film and let them reminisce the good ole days. 

4. Memory cards

Since photography has been shot digitally for years now. I know there is some that still shoot film. One of the concerns when shooting digital is running out of space. So, pick up your photographer a memory card, he/she will greatly appreciate it!

5. Portable printer

This is a more expensive gift but he/she will love it. These printers are fairly small and can fit in a pocket. All you really need to do connect it to your printer (usually WiFi) and in a matter of seconds. The best part is the film or printer paper is readily available.

Fuji Instax Printer

Fuji Instax Printer

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